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Project partners to reunite in Vallon Pont d'Arc

Project partners to reunite in Vallon Pont d'Arc

02 / 03 / 2022

Climbing, caving and mountain biking in Vallon Pont d'arc

After some months since the last exchange in Portugal- due to the cancellation of the Sweden exchange- the SEE Project partners are pleased to finally come together in person again at CREPS training centre in Vallon-Pont-d’Arc. The exchange meeting will take place between March 7th and 11th, during which the partners will have an opportunity to discover and test various training methods developed by professionals associated with the International Mountain Biking Association and European Centre for Nature Sports (PRNSN).

The SEE Project aims to enhance the protection of natural landscapes through education in and through sport with special focus on responsible outdoor behaviour and skills development for outdoor sports leaders, trainers, guides, or instructors.

The programme will be divided into theoretical work and practical outdoor sessions hosted by the local CREPS training centre. These outdoor sessions will include guided mountain bike rides from professional European MTB guides; educational outdoor sessions with ‘Trash Free Trails- a non profit organisation of dedicated hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners who exist to educate and protect wild places; as well as caving and climbing sessions with the local CREPS training providers. These exchanges are an important part of the development of the educational tool kit, as partners have an opportunity to exchange ideas amongst themselves and test different educational methods. Whilst these exchanges are not open to public participation, experts from within the outdoor sports sector have been invited to join and share their experiences, which will in turn assist in the creation of the environmental tool kit.

If you are interested in knowing more about the exchange, you can follow our partner organisations on their various social media platforms. At the end of the exchange, you can find a full report on the findings and learned experiences here on the SEE Project website.


In the meantime…

Since the exchange meeting in Portugal, the partners involved in Work Package 1 have been working hard on completing the associated reports and findings. We will publish these reports and infographics in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Full exchange program here

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