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Rethinking Spaces for Outdoor Sports- Euro Meet 22

Event Info:
  • 14 Sep 2022 - 16/09/2022
  • Silkeborg, Denmark
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Rethinking Spaces for Outdoor Sports- Euro Meet 22

It’s now more important than ever to become proactively involved in the transition to a greener outdoor sports sector as well as showcasing the value and the power of outdoor sports to society.

As a network ENOS will encourage and support our members to commit to new and innovative ways of working within their own local, regional or national setting to develop and manage greener outdoor sports as well as more sustainable and healthier ways of living.

The aim of promoting outdoor sports in Europe and committing to doing this in more sustainable ways will provide both challenges and opportunities for organizations, welfare institutions, private companies and civil society.

It provides challenges for those involved in outdoor sports to think more carefully about their activities and impacts. However, we believe that it provides great opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation and the resulting health and community benefits that can be gained by being physically active in natural settings out ways the challenges that we face.

The Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet 2022 will focus on the overall theme Green sports for a greener and healthier Europe. And on both the challenges and opportunities that lie before us.

We will address three topics within the theme that will provide opportunities for in depth discussions and inspiration.

Date and time

Tuesday Sept 13th, 12 am to 19.00 pm local time.