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Parceiros do Projeto

Parceiros do Projeto

Surf Clube de Viana

Project partner

SURF CLUBE DE VIANA (SCV), founded in 1989, in Viana do Castelo, is a non-profit association and the first surf school created in Portugal. It aims to develop recreational, cultural, and sporting activities, encompassing the regular practice of surfing, chiefly with regards to the training of young and adult athletes, with the commitment of high performance training, alongside the promotion of health, well-being, inclusiveness and respect for the environment.
SCV is active in the environmental education field, as it continually develops environmental awareness actions and strives to be an example of good sustainable practices. The SCV team, composed of over 120 athletes, +600 members, and 20 trainers, organises regularly beach clean-ups, environmental education seminars for school kids, and other activities, that aim to further the interest of the local community in preserving the natural coastal resources.