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Project Partners

Project Partners


Project partner

Folkungaland is a non-profit organisation located at the heart of Östergötland, Sweden. It is part of a family of 48 LEADER areas in Sweden and about 2,800 similar groups in Europe.

The focus of operation is rural development by providing funding for feasible projects that tackle at least one of five key issues:

  • Strengthening the spirit of entrepreneurship to stimulate job creation

  • Improving the quality of life and increasing the attractiveness of rural areas

  • Enhancing awareness and responsibility for environment conservation and protection

  • Improving physical and digital communications

  • Promoting diversity

Folkungaland works with rural development through the LEADER method. LEADER is about involving local actors in rural areas in the development of their own regions. LEADER is also a tool implemented under the national and regional Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) of each EU Member State.